St Columba


Welcome to St Columba church, where people and Christ can be at one in a whole family. We are Christian church who encourages anybody to follow the path of god and get on board with the wonderful changes that can occur if you let god into your life.

We are a small run church with a few hundred regular visitors, who come to our daily services. Our pastor Roger has been with us for over 10 years and has enjoyed the wonderful memories and experiences people have had with their journey with god. Here at St Columba we are known for the magical community we share it with and our common hosting of events and day outs is what keeps people coming back.

Our church is part of the wider Christian community and attends several events throughout the year including the popular Big Church Day Out, which always proves to be a successful and memorable day.



We are thrilled to announce that the new £10,000 restoration on our tower has been granted planning permission and due to commence the 24th August! We would to take this opportunity to thank all generous donations we have received from businesses outside and insight our community, it has really touched our hearts.

The church was built in the 1700’s and has been at the centre on the community ever since. Since our restoration several problems have surfaced and slowed down the building progress, fortunately we have now installed two grp canopies in the meantime to allow construction to continue at normal pace. The tower unfortunately experienced some damage in bad weather last year. The brickwork was dislodged and we were forced to shut due to unstable foundations. A temporary fix was put in placed however the wonderful architecture and sculptures were not restored, which was a big loss for us at St Columba.